The city and beyond

Beyond Lancaster's campus, you can explore the historic city, stunning coastline, and picturesque Lake District.

Lancaster is a city with traditional charm and a modern outlook. It is a friendly student city that is home to a diverse and welcoming community.

"You will be welcome here. Lancaster is full of very social and fun students to hang out with."

Csenge Karl, Cartmel College


The City of Lancaster is a wonderful neighbour to campus. Its fascinating heritage and stunning architecture give student life an impressive setting.

While Lancaster Castle and the Ashton Memorial dominate the city's skyline, traditional cobbled streets and secret lanes offer old-world character to explore.

"I love the old charm of the streets, the beautiful monuments and the general atmosphere."

Maria Clark, Cartmel College

Three students sit in the sun on a patch of grass outside the walls of Lancaster Castle.

Meet and eat

Students share a meal in Journey Social.

Lancaster's coffee quarter has a long history; our primary roaster opened its doors in 1837. Alongside are a host of cafés, depending on your mood.

Relax in the vegan oasis of The Herbarium, keep it cosy in Brew or hit some familiar favourites like Starbucks and Caffé Nero.

Many cafés open late into the evening and offer space for music, comedy, gaming and more.

"I love to stay in one of the cafés and write or read for the entire day. A lot of the cafés are amazing and really comfortable."

Fuk Chin Wong, Graduate College


You'll find the big brands you recognise on our high street, but Lancaster has hidden gems around every corner with a thriving independent retail scene. Finding something unique that suits you has never been easier.

"Exploring the shops is always interesting and fun to do with friends."

Raven Trigo, Bowland College

Two students compare potted plants in a shop dedicated to domestic plants.