Welcome to Lancaster

Explore what Lancaster University can offer you.

A Top 10 UK University

Where is Lancaster?

Lancaster is in the north west of England. Our location means choice - enjoy campus life, city life and visit nearby coastal towns and national parks.

The city is well connected to the rest of the UK. By train, it’s around 1 hour to Manchester and 2.5 hours to London or Edinburgh.

Where will I study?

At Lancaster, you’ll learn in well-equipped, modern teaching and study spaces designed to facilitate your development.

Your subject will determine the spaces and equipment you’ll find most valuable, and your academic department will provide the resources you need to thrive.

Students sit in the library near a green wall

Where will I live?

We know that a comfortable living space is important to feel at home at university and help you to succeed in your studies.

Most Lancaster students choose to live on campus in their first year. Select from accommodation options to fit your budget and preferences.

Two students sit on a bed and read.

How will I be supported?

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and that’s no different at university. If you experience something that affects your studies or wellbeing, we are here to help.

Your college home

You’ll hear us talk about our colleges a lot. A ready-made community, colleges are what most Lancaster students come to think of as ‘home’. When you’re settling in, you’ll be introduced to your college advisor teams. Their job is to provide welfare support, guidance and advice. Think of them as a friendly face you can rely on, someone to talk to about homesickness, relationships, academic issues or anything related to university life.

Our ‘any or no faith’ chaplaincy is another great resource offering spaces for community, mindfulness and prayer.

Developing new life skills

Whether it’s learning how to work the washing machine, or how to write a literature review, university is all about learning new things. The same can be said for mental health and wellbeing. Some of our services focus on giving you the tools and developing skills to manage mental health.

Our services Silvercloud and Skills for Life offer practical guidance in different ways but both cover common issues faced by students like building a healthy routine, procrastination, managing anxiety and stress.

Silvercloud offers modules you can work through, and Skills for Life hosts regular sessions led by your College Wellbeing Officers. You can access groups and workshops on specific issues such as grief, personal empowerment, and general anxiety.

Mental health support

Our counselling team consists of qualified and professional mental health practitioners and administrators, who are University members of staff. This includes counsellors, psychological therapists and mental health advisers. There are options to talk to our team at one-off appointments if you need to work through a problem or ask about support.

If you find yourself in need of more significant mental health support you can self-refer to access our specialist services. From there we’ll guide you through what we can do, talk about the most appropriate form of help, and in some cases, we may refer you on for further help and support, like the NHS.

We offer a comprehensive wellbeing support offer tailored to meet the needs of our diverse student community. It’s never too early to talk to us about your needs.

A student holds a coffee cup and laughs with her friend
Students sitting in a giant deckchair branded with their college
A group of students preparing food round a kitchen worktop

What are Lancaster's colleges?

We’re one of a handful of UK universities to have a collegiate system. Lancaster’s colleges break down the University into smaller communities.

Every college has its own social space, events and support staff. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to help you.

We have eight undergraduate colleges to choose from. Picking a college usually comes down to what type of accommodation you choose, but commuting students also join a college. All postgraduate students join Graduate College.

A group of students stand in front of bright lights on a music stage at a College Extravaganza.

Clubs and societies to join

Lancaster University Students Union is here to enhance every aspect of your time as a student. With more than 200 clubs and societies covering a huge range of sports, activities, hobbies and causes, there’s something for everyone.

Social spaces on campus

Each of our nine colleges has a different social space with its own personality and vibe. Don’t worry, whichever college you pick, you can use the other colleges’ spaces.

There’s plenty of cafes and bars to hang out across campus, plus lots of welcoming places to chillout.

Two students sit at a bench surrounded by green foliage.

A tour of the Campus

Everyday essentials on campus

All you need to live comfortably. As well as shops, cafés and restaurants. The campus has launderettes, a post office, medical centre, pharmacy, preschool centre, chaplaincy and prayer room, hair salon and more.

Sport at Lancaster

Hidden gems on campus

You’d expect to find many things on a university campus – accommodation, teaching and study spaces. Lancaster has all that and so much more.

Our campus is designed to feel like a home from home, with unique spaces to spend time with friends or take a break from your studies.

The city and beyond

Only three miles north of campus, the City of Lancaster is easily accessible by bus or bike. There’s lots of student-friendly places to shop or meet friends to relax. Nearby seaside towns offer great days out and a just a little further, the Lake District is well worth the trip.